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Happiness is being committed to your health. This is why we offer a 15% discount when you subscribe to your health goal.

Since 2014

Welcome to Sandhu Herbals

At Sandhu herbals we integrate the principles of traditional medicine with science and we go to where herbs grow the best to bring you the purest botanicals and best raw ingredients.

Digestive Wellness

Harmony from within for a happier, healthier gut

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Restore Your Inner Equilibrium

Relax, Sleep Well and Feel Good

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Joint Support

Move Freely, Live Happily

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Immune Vitality

Nourish your immune system for a vibrant well-being.

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Meet The Founders

Since 2014, Founders Bob and Raman Sandhu embarked on the journey to identify quality ingredient throughout the world and developing the cleanest and safest nutritious health and wellness products for all to consume and maintain a healthier active lifestyle. Thus, our flagship product Zinc was born and many more to offer.

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Tri-Valley Haven - Food Pantry and Parenting 4 Mobile

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Alameda County Foster Parents Association

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Trusted Quality

  • Quality you can Trust

    We are passionate about quality, all our products are encapsulated, bottled and tested in the USA at our own state-of-the-art FDA registered, NSF certified, GMP-compliant manufacturing facility located in California.

  • Third Party Tested

    At Sandhu's, we strongly believe in transparency and quality assurance. All our products undergo rigorous, independent, third party testing to guarantee purity, potency and quality from raw materials to final product.

  • Science Based Nutrition

    Inspired by nature, we continue to innovate and deliver an exceptionally pure line of science-based nutritional supplements, whose safety, efficacy and potency are guaranteed in every serving.

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