Giving Back to Our Community

It incredibly empowers us by

Helping others in need & improving lives every day

At Sandhu's we believe that helping others is hugely empowering, and in turn, makes us feel happier and more fulfilled. Be it supporting education, making charitable donations, or just giving to those in need, we quietly do our part, caring for people to make this world a better place.

We feel honored and privileged to have partnered with charitable institution to help those in need and improve lives, every day.

Tri-Valley Haven - Food Pantry and Parenting 4 Mobile

We also support 'Tri Valley Haven Food Bank', based in our home town, Livermore, by providing them essentials; including produce, dried foods and hygiene products. Tri Valley Haven Food Bank 'serves more than 4000 local residents each month and have been providing this invaluable service to our local community since 2002.

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Tri-Valley Haven
Alameda County Foster Parents Association

Alameda County Foster Parents Association

Their mission is to ensure consistent, safe, quality care for children in need of out of home placement. We were blown away by the level of support they provide for the children & the families who foster them, in Alameda County. We offer our support by providing clothing and other essential items.

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