Is Zinc good for your hair?

Is Zinc good for your hair?

There are many vitamins and minerals that are really important for your health. One of these important minerals is referred to as zinc. It isn't always given attention by people, but it is really required for tasks such as resisting illnesses and aiding in the healing of wounds. It does other important work too!

Many people don't have enough zinc. This affects about 17% of the global population. One thing that can happen if you don't have enough zinc is that you might start losing your hair.

Some people think taking extra zinc as supplements might help with this hair loss. But is there any real proof of this?

What Causes Hair Loss?

Ever wondered why some people lose their hair? Well, there are different reasons for this hair mystery. One of them is when family gene plays a part, like how genes from your relatives can make your hair thin out. Another cause is when big changes happen in your body, such as when women become moms or when someone gets really strong treatments for being sick.

your body getting a bit mixed up and mistakenly attacking your hair! This might lead to small, round patches where the hair goes missing. And guess what? Feeling highly stressed or totally surprised can also make your hair decide to take a break and fall out more than usual.

Your hairstyle choices and how you treat your hair matter too. If you tie your hair very tightly, like when you create tight braids or high ponytails, it could convince your hair to give up and go away. Even using strong chemicals on your hair might be a troublemaker.

Lastly, your hair needs some special food friends to stay healthy. Think about iron, zinc, vitamin D, and protein as your hair's best buddies. If you don't give your hair these goodies, it might become weak and start to fall out

What is Zinc?

Zinc is like a special mineral that does lots of important things inside your body. Your body really needs it, but it can't save it up for later.

Zinc is super helpful because it helps your body fight off sickness, heal wounds, make new cells, and even create proteins and DNA. It even helps you smell and taste things!

Since your body doesn't keep extra zinc, it's important to keep giving it more. You can get zinc from foods like seafood, meat, and chicken. Some people get it from beans, nuts, milk, and foods with extra zinc added.

Even though plants like cereals and beans have zinc, they also have something called "phytates" that can stop your body from using zinc. So, the zinc in meat and other animal things is a bit easier for your body to use.

But don't worry, even though plants have less usable zinc, they are still good for you because they have other important things too! So, eat a mix of foods to keep your body happy.

Is Zinc good for your hair

Is Zinc good for your hair

Boosting Hair Growth with Zinc

So, why could zinc be linked to strong hair? Some research says that the parts of our body that help hair grow are connected to our immune system. This means not having enough zinc might be connected to losing hair.

That's why people have suggested taking zinc supplements to stop hair loss. But does it really work? Well, that's still something people are talking about and trying to figure out.

In a study from 2005, scientists gave mice a lot of extra zinc. They saw that it made the mice's hair cycle go slower. But, when the mice kept taking zinc for a long time, their hair started growing back slower too. This means how much zinc you take and how long you take it might affect if it helps your hair or not.

In another study, 15 people with hair loss and not enough zinc were given zinc supplements for three months. Out of these 15 people, seven had a clear improvement. This means they saw more than 60 percent of their hair patch growing back.

The people in the study already had not enough zinc when they started. So, the extra zinc might have helped because it fixed the problem of not having enough zinc. But what if you already have enough zinc? Would taking even more zinc make your hair grow better? That's the question!

Scientists have done lots of research to see how different amounts of nutrients, like zinc, affect our bodies. They found something interesting: having more of a nutrient isn't always better. Just like not having enough zinc can be bad for our immune system, having too much can be bad too. And guess what? If we don't have enough zinc, our hair might not grow well. But having too much might make our hair fall out.

Whether zinc really helps hair grow might be influenced by many things. Scientists still need to do more research to be sure if there's a direct connection. So, they're like detectives, trying to solve this hair mystery!

How to Hair Grow with Zinc

Zinc plays several crucial roles in maintaining healthy hair, including:

  1. Protein Synthesis:

Hair is mostly built from a protein named keratin. Zinc helps create proteins, which makes sure hair becomes strong and really healthy. So, zinc is like a superhero for your hair!

  1. Cell Growth and Division:

For hair to grow, cells in the hair's follicles need to keep dividing and growing. Zinc is like a boss for making cells grow right, and this helps your hair grow healthy and strong.

  1. Maintaining the Hair Growth Cycle:

Hair growth is like a journey with three phases: first is a growing phase, then a middle phase, and finally a resting phase. Zinc plays a cool role in keeping these phases in balance. This makes sure your hair grows and falls out at the right times.

  1. Antioxidant Properties

Zinc is like a protective shield for your hair's follicles. It fights against bad things called free radicals and stress that can hurt them. This keeps your follicles healthy and strong, which helps your hair grow well.

  1. Hormonal Regulation:

Zinc helps regulate hormones, like the ones that come from your thyroid. If these hormones get mixed up, your hair might start falling out or getting thin. But having enough zinc can keep these hormones in balance and help your hair grow better. Think of zinc as a helper for your hair's hormone team!


Zinc is really important for making hair healthy and strong. It helps in the synthesis of hair, growing cells, and keeping a good hair cycle. It also protects hair from harm and helps with hormone balance. If you are not getting enough zinc from food it's good to start with a high-quality zinc supplement. So, remember to eat well and be careful with supplements if you want nice hair!

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